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    Monday, June 27, 2016   /   by Tim Hart

    Montana State University and Local Bozeman Business Win $4.5 Million Navy Contract

    The US Navy has turned to Montana State University and Bozeman’s S2 corporation to help design new technology for diagnosing and detecting potential threats across the world.
    The Navy has given MSU’s Spectrum Lab and S2 Corporation a $4.5 million contract to develop new sensors to improve the Navy’s intelligence and awareness. The university and corporation were chosen based on their marked improvement over current technology. According to the CEO of S2 corporation, current sensors see only about 1 percent of a possible spectrum whereas technology they have developed in Bozeman sees more than 100 times that.
    The Navy has given S2 and Montana State a 3-year contract, which will provide additional stability for Bozeman’s burgeoning high tech industry. Bozeman, Montana's e-city according to Google, has seen a major expansion by Oracle and NASA funded tech programs in 2016 alone. This news, continues to add to Bozeman's recent stockpile of tech news.
    These grou ...

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    Thursday, June 16, 2016   /   by Tim Hart

    Bozeman Montana Will Have Second High School

    Make some room Bozeman High School—it looks like you will have some company soon in Bozeman, Montana. The phrase now feels much more real, thanks to a 6-1 vote by the Bozeman School Board to build an entirely new, 9 -12 high school in Bozeman Montana. Bozeman has been one of the fastest growing small towns in Western United States.
    Bozeman High School currently has 2,000 students but has been expanding year over year. By 2020, the date a new high school should be opened, that enrollment will reach 2,400, hence the split.
    The Bozeman School Board, as well as its high school expansion advisory committee, worked hard in the past six months to determine the best method of expanding its educational services to a growing city.
    The Bozeman School District had grappled with several ideas, including a Freshman only school, expanding the current high school, or even changing which age children would attend what school. However, after much deliberation, the board went ahead with the ...

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    Monday, June 13, 2016   /   by Tim Hart

    New Phone Application Will Map Bozeman Montana Trails

    As the outdoors continue to bring more and more people to Bozeman, Montana, the city has put a bit of organization back into nature. One of Bozeman’s biggest attractions is its 80 mile, in and around town trail system. Bozeman continually updates and improves its trails, knowing they are one of the main attractors to local residents. The trail is used by adults, children, runners, walkers and bikers. Whether for exercise or for travel, the trails have become a part of Bozeman’s outdoor culture.
    Starting sometime this year, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust and the City of Bozeman will create a new phone application that maps out every mile of Bozeman’s trails. The application will help residents organize runs or discover new trails. The app will also be constantly updated, so residents will know when a trail is  closed or under maintenance. Amenities like bathrooms will also be marked on the application, helping Bozemanites plan their hikes and breaks accordingly ...

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    Thursday, June 9, 2016   /   by Tim Hart

    New Pathway Planned For Bridger Canyon Hikers and Bikers

    The “M” Trail and the Drinking Horse Trail attract a host of daily hikers, trail runners, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Bridger Canyon Road is also one of the more beautiful and fun biking roads in the area. As the area’s popularity has increased, Bridger Canyon road has seen a lot of pedestrian and recreational traffic.
    Currently, only a small shoulder exists for people who want to get to the trail heads without having to drive. Using a previously passed bond, the city will construct a new pathway from Bozeman that will go to both the "M" and Drinking Horse Trails. The pathway will be fully separated from Bridger Canyon Road and is expected to cost $4 million.
    The path will be asphalt to allow bikers to also use the path with ease. It will connect into city trails at Story Mill Road and then extend out to both the “M” and Drinking Horse. The city will also look into creating an under path  to connect the two trails (on opposite sides of t ...

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    Wednesday, June 8, 2016   /   by Tim Hart

    Gallatin County Real Estate Market Update - Single Family Home Sales Through April 2016

    This month, we will compare single family home sales in the Gallatin Valley through April 2016 to last year’s home sales and help reveal trends in the market. Here are a few stats:

    2016 sales are currently projected to drop by 21.62% (1,485 in 2015, 388 through April, projected to 1,164 sales in 2016)
    Dollar volume is projected to drop by 24.05% ($663,572,593 in 2015, $167,993,026 through April, projected to 503,979,078 in 2016)
    Currently, homes are moving slightly faster than last year, staying on the market 2.06% shorter than 2015 (97 days on the market in 2015, 95 days on the market in 2016)

    Summary: The 2016 housing market has moved slower than in 2015, at least through the first 4 months. Home buyers and sellers alike should keep in mind that the most active time periods, those over the summer and fall, tend to see the highest activity. So although simple projections suggest the market might be slowing, a fast summer could easily reverse this trend. The market rema ...

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