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  • Top Tips For Selling Your Home

    Tuesday, January 03, 2017   /   by Olivia Martin

    Top Tips For Selling Your Home

    Your kitchen is probably the biggest selling point of a home. If there is anywhere to make home improvements, it would be here.

      1. Add or update drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to stainless steel or brushed nickel.
      2. Consider re-painting or re-staining the cabinetry.
      3. Swap out the countertops with granite or quartz, buyers love them!
      4. Install a stainless steel sink with a pull-out faucet.

    Another important project to take on is to remove any wallpaper, and consider repainting. Wallpaper is an out-of-date decor and most buyers will over estimate the cost and hassle of removing it. Re-painting is also one of the most cost-effective improvements that will add value to your home.

      1. Remove all wallpaper.
      2. Get advice from color experts to choose the best colors that evoke emotions of warmth and joy.
      3. If you have a home with dark stained molding and windows that not historically significant, paint these moldings bright white! Even though you may love the look of dark wood trim, many buyers of today generally don't

    Good lighting is not only essential for professional quality pictures, but will also make buyers feel welcomed and even uplift their mood during showings.

      1. Install chandeliers in high ceiling rooms, and decorative sconces in smaller entryways.
      2. Ensure there is sufficient task lighting in the kitchen. Directed lighting should be installed over specific cooking areas, such as over the stove, food prep areas, and sink.
      3. Highlight special features, such as unique architecture or details, of your home with directed lighting.
      4. Avoid using fluorescent or cool temperature LED lamps in calm areas like bedrooms or living-rooms.

    With the big projects taken care of, the final step is to deep clean and de-clutter. You never know when a potential buyer will take a peek through your window or request a walkthrough, so keeping the house clean and prepared for a showing is important. Although it may be obvious to do, there are a few simple things that are often overlooked when cleaning your home.

      1. Remove personal items. Buyers want to picture themselves living in the house, not you.
      2. Put your towels and potholders away in your drawers, not hanging by the oven handle.
      3. Put away and store small appliances.
      4. Pack away any rarely used items such as cookie cutters, aprons, spices, etc.
      5. Remove hanging items and hooks from the walls, specifically your coats.
      6. Limit your artwork to just a tasteful few.

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