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  • 5 Tips For A Winter Market

    Monday, January 09, 2017   /   by Olivia Martin

    5 Tips For A Winter Market

    #1 Market the seasonal beauty of your home.

    Display pictures of your yard in both the summer and winter seasons. Pictures of a glistening blanket of snow over your property looks great on a blue-bird day, but if that's the only pictures you have of your place, buyers may wonder if you're hiding something about your yard.

    #2 Pick up the broom-stick.

    Don't just shovel your walk-ways and back porch, sweep them before any showing. Also, ask buyers to remove their shoes at the front door. Place a shoe rack by the front door, and weather mats at every entrance. Not only will it prevent a mess in your house, but it will make your home look well maintained and organized.

    #3 Turn up the heat.

    Don't be conservative about your energy bill. Keep your home at a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit for your showings. Now is not the time to save money by turning down the heat. Buyers are not your typical house guest; they need to be ensured that the heater works!

    #4 Light it up!

    Turn on all the lights, and open shades and blinds to let in natural light. Dark, dreary rooms are depressing. With proper lighting, you can enlighten a buyer's mood. Plus, you want to make sure that all the lights work. 

    #5 Seize the moment!

    Take advantage of lower inventory. There tends to be much less houses on the market in the winter months. With fewer houses to compare to, this is your chance to highlight some of your unbeatable features. Don't be modest, boast what you can about your house. Have an impressive fireplace? Are you in a preferred school district? Make sure your buyers know.

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